THE S&S AWARD has now become S&S THEATRE PRODUCTIONS, dedicated to producing radical new musical theatre with partnerships between the UK and the USA. Joining forces with London-based Mercurius Theatre and Kent Nicholson, doyen of new musical theatre writing in the States, we've already hit the ground running with the live-streaming of the award-winning STAY AWAKE, JAKE.



In the four years of its existence, The S&S Award for new musical theatre writing went from being a small London-based affair to an international entity, attracting entries from around the globe.

Now, after a period of consideration, Caroline Underwood and Warner Brown, its co-founders, have decided to take the next logical step and progress the Award into a fully-fledged production company – S&S Theatre Productions.

The aim of the company is to produce radical new musical theatre – stretching the boundaries and breaking the mould.